Beach Wedding

Last Saturday I attended a friend’s lovely beach wedding. It was pretty casual, so I decided I would go for pants rather than a dress or skirt. These are from the Gap and I got them on sale for just $15! They fit really well and this cut is perfect for a semi-formal event, and the striped light blue and white pattern is basically the epitome of a beachy themed event.


The shirt I’m wearing is from Gap as well. I think the longer cut of the sleeves gives it a slightly fancier feel even though it’s just a basic white shirt.


Lastly these shoes that I’ve worn multiple times already are from Topshop and were just $20. They’ve become my go-to summer shoes because of the light colored wood and soft blue suede straps.




Gap shirt – Urban Outfitters skirt – G by Guess shoes
Topshop shoes


Gap jeans – Ann Taylor shirt


















The Hermitage


Before I start, I must say that it is very hard to dress nicely on vacation, especially this kind of vacation. I wanted so badly to wear heeled sandals and a nice skirt or dress and walk along the street, casually shopping in perfect late June weather. And as you can see I kind of did, but with great consequence, as my sore feet were unable to move by the end of the day. Nonetheless, this Nashville trip was absolutely awesome, not only because I got to see a new part of this grand country, but also because I was able to absorb and experience southern music, food, and history all at once.



Purple Shade

IMG_5522IMG_5523I was hoping for some sunshine today but unfortunately the skies failed me. So I decided to carry the tropics in my outfit. Although this isn’t the brightest outfit, the tropical cropped cardigan and purple shorts make me feel like I’m somewhere warmer.


I got these Lucky Brand shoes from Marshall’s. They were on sale (of course) for only $30! The floral cardigan is from Forever 21 and that was on sale for $4. It’s not the most well made shirt but this is what $4 gets you. My mom gave me these shorts a couple of days ago; she says she thinks they’re from Target. This is a new cut for me because last summer I only wore really short shorts. However, I was getting tired of always pulling them down to cover myself, so it was nice to wear something longer. Underneath my cardigan is a plain sleeveless black top from Forever 21.


Shorts – similar, different color

Tank top





My T-Shirt Soulmate


Today’s outfit was pretty simple, just because I went out to eat for lunch in the city and I wanted to be able to maneuver myself around all the people. These sneakers are perfect for walking long distances and swiftly crossing streets. I purchased them at T.J. Maxx for $30. My jeans are from Gap and they are definitely my most favorite casual jeans that I own. The pockets lift my butt so nicely, and isn’t that what we’re all looking for in a pair of pants? I mean, besides covering our legs, the only other reason we wear pants is to make our backside look up and alive. And these jeans do just that.

IMG_5454Also these pictures are slightly tinted blue because my sister rented this huge camera and forgot to white balance it so, yeah.IMG_5451

Now for my shirt, oh my shirt. I bought it about 4 years ago from Delia’s. I saw it in the store and unfortunately they did not have my size so I went home and searched on their website for a good half hour and finally I found it. That was one of the few moments in my shopping history in which I felt like I was meant to wear a shirt. There’s a difference between simply liking an item and feeling like you were born to wear it. I was born to wear this. It falls right below my belly button (the golden length) and it’s black and white so it matches with anything! I know it’s not in the best condition because it’s getting old, but I don’t care. I shall never part with my beloved child, my baby, by “YOU’RE SO FAKE BARBIE’S JEALOUS” shirt. So if you’re searching for your t-shirt soulmate, keep your eyes peeled, because I guarantee it’s out there looking for you.


Jeans similar

Shirt I think there are other places to find this shirt but for some reason it’s always hidden and hard to find so I’m sorry 😦

Shoes similar



Six Dollar Pants on Broadway


Yesterday I was in NYC to see the show On Your Feet, and it was so fun! However, Times Square was busier than usual and it was hard to get good pictures of my outfit. I really don’t like to be the center of attention and even though everyone’s doing their own thing, I still feel the stares when my sister is photographing me so this 30 second shoot was certainly a challenge, but we made it somehow!


My main priority when going to NYC is mobility. I hate not being able to move quickly. So I wore these very comfortable, semi-wide leg cropped jeans from Gap. They were actually on sale for only $6 and they actually feel like yoga pants because of how comfortable they are. I think the most flattering way to compliment wide-legged pants is by wearing a tighter shirt that showcases my waist. That’s why I wore this cropped shirt to add definition to my upper body, since if worn incorrectly, these jeans can drown your legs.


 My camouflage jacket is from American Eagle and I believe it was $24. I’m happy I bought it because it goes with a lot of outfits and it’s quite warm as well.  These sandals are from Target and I think I’ve had them since I was a sophomore in high school. Lastly, my necklace is from American Eagle, and its one of those accessories that I keep going back to because it coordinates with lots of things. It brings quite a special taste to the outfit whenever I wear it because of its detail.


Jackets similar one & two

Jeans similar one & two


Shoes similar


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