Six Dollar Pants on Broadway


Yesterday I was in NYC to see the show On Your Feet, and it was so fun! However, Times Square was busier than usual and it was hard to get good pictures of my outfit. I really don’t like to be the center of attention and even though everyone’s doing their own thing, I still feel the stares when my sister is photographing me so this 30 second shoot was certainly a challenge, but we made it somehow!


My main priority when going to NYC is mobility. I hate not being able to move quickly. So I wore these very comfortable, semi-wide leg cropped jeans from Gap. They were actually on sale for only $6 and they actually feel like yoga pants because of how comfortable they are. I think the most flattering way to compliment wide-legged pants is by wearing a tighter shirt that showcases my waist. That’s why I wore this cropped shirt to add definition to my upper body, since if worn incorrectly, these jeans can drown your legs.


 My camouflage jacket is from American Eagle and I believe it was $24. I’m happy I bought it because it goes with a lot of outfits and it’s quite warm as well.  These sandals are from Target and I think I’ve had them since I was a sophomore in high school. Lastly, my necklace is from American Eagle, and its one of those accessories that I keep going back to because it coordinates with lots of things. It brings quite a special taste to the outfit whenever I wear it because of its detail.


Jackets similar one & two

Jeans similar one & two


Shoes similar


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