My T-Shirt Soulmate


Today’s outfit was pretty simple, just because I went out to eat for lunch in the city and I wanted to be able to maneuver myself around all the people. These sneakers are perfect for walking long distances and swiftly crossing streets. I purchased them at T.J. Maxx for $30. My jeans are from Gap and they are definitely my most favorite casual jeans that I own. The pockets lift my butt so nicely, and isn’t that what we’re all looking for in a pair of pants? I mean, besides covering our legs, the only other reason we wear pants is to make our backside look up and alive. And these jeans do just that.

IMG_5454Also these pictures are slightly tinted blue because my sister rented this huge camera and forgot to white balance it so, yeah.IMG_5451

Now for my shirt, oh my shirt. I bought it about 4 years ago from Delia’s. I saw it in the store and unfortunately they did not have my size so I went home and searched on their website for a good half hour and finally I found it. That was one of the few moments in my shopping history in which I felt like I was meant to wear a shirt. There’s a difference between simply liking an item and feeling like you were born to wear it. I was born to wear this. It falls right below my belly button (the golden length) and it’s black and white so it matches with anything! I know it’s not in the best condition because it’s getting old, but I don’t care. I shall never part with my beloved child, my baby, by “YOU’RE SO FAKE BARBIE’S JEALOUS” shirt. So if you’re searching for your t-shirt soulmate, keep your eyes peeled, because I guarantee it’s out there looking for you.


Jeans similar

Shirt I think there are other places to find this shirt but for some reason it’s always hidden and hard to find so I’m sorry 😦

Shoes similar




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