Purple Shade

IMG_5522IMG_5523I was hoping for some sunshine today but unfortunately the skies failed me. So I decided to carry the tropics in my outfit. Although this isn’t the brightest outfit, the tropical cropped cardigan and purple shorts make me feel like I’m somewhere warmer.


I got these Lucky Brand shoes from Marshall’s. They were on sale (of course) for only $30! The floral cardigan is from Forever 21 and that was on sale for $4. It’s not the most well made shirt but this is what $4 gets you. My mom gave me these shorts a couple of days ago; she says she thinks they’re from Target. This is a new cut for me because last summer I only wore really short shorts. However, I was getting tired of always pulling them down to cover myself, so it was nice to wear something longer. Underneath my cardigan is a plain sleeveless black top from Forever 21.


Shorts – similar, different color

Tank top






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