Red, Gray, and Blue


Last night I went to an orchestra concert and I didn’t feel the need to wear a dress or a skirt, but I didn’t want to be THAT casual. So these Topshop shoes were the best choice, because they’re very simple and somewhat fancy at the same time. I had a friend in high school who once told me that light jeans were just not for her because they were too casual. And ever since then I cannot un-see it. Darker jeans are certainly the more formal choice in the denim world. I actually got this jacket on sale in Target about 5 years ago for $13. It was so worth it; the quality of the material is surprisingly very, very good. I must mention my love for a nice cropped jean jacket. The belly-button cut (I don’t know the right name for it) is my favorite jacket length and the reason why is because it lengthens your legs. It’s almost like where the top of high rise jeans would be and it is extremely flattering on everyone. My shirt is just a plain Polo t-shirt and this bag is from Kipling.

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Jacket similar (not cropped)

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